[seointelugu itemreviewed=”seo training in telugu” reviewer=”jayati” dtreviewed=”2016-6-24″ rating=”4.8″ best=”5″ worst=”0″ ] Jayati Creative, Rajahmundry  is professional not only in website designing but also in SEO. All our projects we had taken were running successfully.

We are also giving one-to-one training of “How to Blog and How to make money from blogging” at our premises in Rajahmundry.  The idea to give the training to new bloggers has not arise in a day or two. Before that I have to explain the experience of a Blogger from Rajahmundry here. After completing his diploma he want to write a blog as a hobby. During blogging he went across Youtube videos on SEO by India’s Top Bloggers. He also wanted to earn lots and lots of money through blogging. In a fine day he went to Hyderabad and joined so called best SEO institute in  Hyderabad to learn SEO. He successfully completed his course in 15days with an investment of Rs.50,000. Do not ask me what he learned! After all he started two blogs with copy/paste content.

Our idea is to give new blogger at least basic knowledge in Search Engine Optimization and make him write unique content. In our training content we have on-page SEO, off page SEO, Website analysis, backlinking, web master tools etc.,  The full course content will be provided on request.

This training is being given offline as face-to-face style. Duration of this training is up to 9 hours.

So far we trained over 20 bloggers successfully.

Now my idea is to give online training in SEO. This will help so many young bloggers  across the country. We are getting call from Hyderabad, Guntur, Tirupati, Visakhapatnam but they could not come here to take personal training. I think this online training will help those not only from India but also through out the world.

I congratulate you on getting good knowledge in Blogging and make money from it.

All the best!!